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Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream

When it’s hot out, do you prefer frozen yogurt or ice cream? Well, that depends! If I want something tangy, refreshing, and fruity, I go for frozen yogurt. If I want a fat fix and have my usual caramel craving, it’s ice cream all the way.

Somehow I never jumped  on the frozen yogurt bandwagon, or the gelato for that matter. Maybe it’s my age. You know, I’ve always liked ice cream so why change now. I do know there is a common thread to eating it; it’s always better if you share it with someone.

We used to have a Harley before my husband’s back gave out. It was a regular weekend event in the summer to get together with some other Harley owners, have a big breakfast out, then go for a ride. It was the ride that was important, sometimes hours long. We would find back roads that ran through the countryside where the scenery kept our attention and there wasn’t a lot of traffic. Often times, ice cream or frozen yogurt was our lunch. One of our friends, J.C. could find an ice cream stand in the most out-of-the-way places. We let him lead the pack. We are still talking about the fun times we had.

Now days when my husband and I go for a drive in our Mini Cooper convertible, (one has to have some sort of toy) our lunch is still frozen yogurt or ice cream. If we have had a small breakfast, maybe it’s a sunday with toppings and whipped cream instead of just a cone. The fact remains, it’s better because we are sharing the experience.

National Banana Split Day

Two different people claim they invented the banana split, one in 1904 and the other in 1907.  Originally it was vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream settled between a  banana that had been cut in half lengthwise, with chocolate, pineapple and strawberry syrups ladled over the ice creams, then topped with whip cream, nuts and a cherry, served in a “boat” shaped dish.

These days, in my area anyway, you can pick your own ice cream flavors and toppings, it’s only the banana that is consistent.  At Bruster’s, on Thursdays, if you bring your own banana, you get your treat for half price.

In 1955 Tom Wahl’s opened in Avon, NY.  It was, and still is, a hamburger joint, serving fresh-made burgers, root beer made in-house and ice cream.  They ran a promotion that if you could eat two complete banana splits, they were free.  My uncle would have been about thirty at the time.  He got so many free banana splits they asked him nicely not to take advantage of the special any more.  He was building his landscaping business at the time, so after a day working outside, I imagine two banana splits would have made him a fine dessert.   Think of all that sugar!

Late update from my sister……the promotion was   Eat Three—Get them Free!!  They changed the sign to read “except Herb M.”



National Creamsicle Day

I hope you have had a creamsicle as least once in your life.  If not, I urge you to give one a try.  I know, when it’s hot out and you want ice cream on a stick, a chocolate fudgesicle or fruit flavored popsicle probably come to mind first.  A creamsicle has an inner vanilla layer completely surrounded by an orange sherbet layer.  In my opinion they are more creamy than the other options.

When I was young, icies and slurpies were only treats to get at a carnival, not the local convenience store.  We did have squeezies which were small cups of sherbet that you ate by squeezing it out of the cupcake paper type cup.  They didn’t last long, and invariably the last  bit dripped onto your shirt when you tried to “drink” what had melted.

We have a local fast-food diner that sells creamsicle twist soft-serve ice cream in the summer. I visit my father’s grave on his birthday every August and on the way home I have a creamsicle cone.  My father loved ice cream and so do I.

A refreshing dessert when you want to serve a group is a refrigerator poke cake.  (You can Google that name for directions.)  I think I’ll make an orange one for our next family gathering.

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