It’s National Boss’s Day¬†

Who is your boss

The person who owns the company you work for

Or the manager of a place owned by a conglomerate

Or the head of your department

I’m thinking…who is my boss

My husband because he works and I don’t

Perhaps my children, if I admit they run the house

or they used to anyway

and I still run when they call


Who is it that gets me out of bed to let him out

Who sleeps in my chair while I sit on the couch

Who can open the screen door by himself, but waits for me

Who won’t eat out of his bowl if the bottom is showing

Who chases others of his kind off our property

Who makes me vacuum more often than I would like to

You guessed it….the CAT

He does indeed control a lot of my actions while I’m home

Thankfully he has no other employees to boss when we travel