It’s National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day. I’m going to move the words around a bit and tell you about a person that has inspired my heart, then when I found out he is a nationally recognized artist, I felt compelled to purchase one of his pieces as a memento.

I have been attending a Veteran’s writing group for almost two years. I consider the two facilitators and core group of attendees, friends and confidants. When we get together we write about our own military experiences and what effect, usually long-term, they have had on our lives. It’s a safe place to share deep emotional pain, and sometimes joy or silliness. (I am an ex military wife, not an actual veteran.) Because we focus on writing, we still have some anonymity, and not a lot of time to share current personal situations.

We have veterans from Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and one World War II vet. When he talks, we listen for as long as he wants to go on. The military was so different back then. One got discharged after earning points, rather than on a time served schedule. The members knew what they were fighting for, and all parts of life were achieved without social media, cell phones and computers. His stories are fascinating as is he.

Our WWII vet’s name is Kurt Feuerherm. You can search his name to see some of his modern art works. I will get my Owlets on Saturday at our next gathering. The mixed media picture will be a forever reminder of my special friend, and they will fit right in with all the other bird pictures I have in my home. I should probably admit, none of the rest were done by a nationally known artist.

Think about what type of art moves your soul. I create quilts, stories, poems, cakes, and dinners that could be called works of art. I love the way music feeds my soul. Some of my best story ideas have come when I’m out listening to live music. But sometimes, it’s not just the art that inspires my heart, it’s the artist too.  What a treat to know Kurt personally.