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Take That Time Off

Project: TimeOff has uncovered an alarming trend over the last 40 years: Americans are taking fewer and fewer vacation days. To reverse this trend, we aim to prove that vacation travel is valuable and necessary for strengthening personal relationships, inspiring creative thinking, improving professional performance, and promoting better health. [courtesy-National Day of Calendar] Continue reading “Take That Time Off”

Everyone Relaxes Differently

When I saw the title for this day, my first thought was what about the people who have to go to work; how can they take a whole day to relax? Then I read down the list of relaxation activities and immediately could see what could go wrong with each one because I tend to be a negative nanny when left to my own thoughts. So my exercise today will be to add a personal guarantee to each of the items and pray that’s how they come out for the person doing them.  Continue reading “Everyone Relaxes Differently”

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