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The Black Eye Warning

Emma Blossom patted Rainbow on her head, then on the butt, a little too hard. The cat thumped her tail and gave the child a black stare. Emma ran to the kitchen, tugged on Tessa’s pants, “Gramma, Rainbow’s eyes turned black.”

Tessa looked at Emma. “Rainbow’s eyes turn black when she’s excited or angry. What were you doing?”

“Just pettin’ her.”

“Were you being rough?”


“Let’s go see.”  Emma repeated her movements, too young to falsify.

Rainbow lifted her head, eyes turning black. She jumped off the couch and ran.

“Emma, Rainbow likes pets, not smacks.”

“OK, Gramma.”

Written in response to Charli Mills April 17, 2023, prompt at Carrot Ranch Literary: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story of something/someone dark-eyed. What could be a dark-eyed situation? Or is it a dark-eyed beauty? A dark-eyed junco? Maybe it’s a futuristic piece of technology. Go where the prompt leads!

Bad Dog

Tessa was babysitting Emma and when Lexi arrived to pick her up, she found the toddle sitting on the porch pouting. Emma said, “Wanna go home. Jester’s mean.”

Lexi went inside and asked what the dog had done.

“We were watching a rabbit in the yard, then Jester saw it too and asked to go out. Without thinking, I opened the door, and he chased the rabbit into the field.”

“That’s all? She’s acting like it was more than that.”

“I explained he didn’t hurt it, but that didn’t help.”

“If it were a squirrel, she would have laughed.”

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