The policemen, still in the car, looked at the growling dog. “You mind leashing that.”

“Beast. Heal.” The dog ran to the man and sat, quiet. “Stay.”

The police got out of the car. One said, “Are you a veteran?”

“Yup. One tour in Iraq and two in Afghanistan.”

“How about the dog?”

“Yup. Now he’s a stud to my ex- old-lady’s bitch. I take the pups I think are trainable, and she sells the rest.”  

“You have any visitors we might be interested in meeting?”

“At first.” He whistled one note. Three more dogs charged out of the RV.


The policemen flinched.

The veteran held his hand to his side, palm facing Beast. The three other dogs stopped short and sat behind Beast. “Folks don’t like my pack.”

“I can see why. Do you have permission to be here?”

“Yup. It’s my ex-in-laws property.”

“Can we look inside?”

“Nothin’ to hide. ” He added, “Beast. Down.” His dog and the three trainees hunched down.

One policeman went into the RV and soon came back out. “Looks good.”

The veteran smiled. “I could donate one of the pups to ya.”

“You would?”

“We’re on the same side, guys.”