It’s National No Housework Day. Do you honestly need an excuse to not do housework? I don’t. I have a neighbor whose hobby is cleaning her house. When she goes away for a week, and I get to feed the cat, her house looks like it was just staged for a real estate showing. My house, well, the clean dishes are left in the drainer, the clothes I decided not to take are strewn on a bed, my coat is still hanging on a chair and you certainly can’t see your reflection in my kitchen counter because it’s still covered with the mail from last week.

I envy people who like to clean. I didn’t get that gene. I do appreciate how  my house looks when I do get around to it, and I like to have company so I am forced to clean up my piles of stuff, but to do it for no good reason. Not hardly. I’d rather go to my sewing room and accomplish something I enjoy doing.

If you are that person who has a floor that you can eat off, and you noticed a spot on it today, I want to give you permission to let it stay there for the day. Take today off from cleaning and relax. Read a book, or watch a movie you have waiting on your saved list, take a nap, call your girlfriend just to say hello, do anything but clean. That spot or mess will always be there tomorrow. Enjoy yourself. Oh, that’s right, some people enjoy cleaning. Have fun whatever you decide to do today.