Do you use a Drive-Thru when you go for fast food? And do you see it as a convenience or think people that use it are too lazy to get out of their cars? Either way, I won’t judge you. My admission is, I’m not partial to them because I have a tendency to drop my change, or squeeze the soda out of the top of the container, or they get my altered order incorrect and I have to go inside anyway. Actually, even though I love food, I rarely buy the type of fast food that has a drive-thru window. I like to be waited on!

According to the National Day of Calendar some liquor stores have a drive-thru. I honestly don’t know of any in my area. I like to check out the bottle of wine I purchase by looking at its number rating and reading if the employees like it, so a drive-thru wouldn’t help me when I buy wine. I suppose some people would like the anonymity of it; like not running into the same shopper or employee too many times in a short period.

Some pharmacies locally have a drive-thru. That I can understand, though I have never used one. It would be handy if your child was sick and you didn’t want to take them inside to spread germs, or have others give you dirty looks when they cough or cry. It might also be a time saver on a lunch break. I’ll have to ask my friends if they use one and find out why.

I will admit to using a drive-thru at my bank, but not too often as I have short arms and have trouble reaching the buttons or grabbing my cash when the machine spits it out. Besides, if I use the ATM I don’t get to talk to my favorite teller and see her new baby pictures. I guess I’m more of a people person, than a convenience person. And If I drop my change, I don’t have to get out of the car to pick it up, I’m already out.

Sitting here thinking, I guess I should come clean, when driving long distances I do use a drive-thru. Hot French Fries eaten out of the bag, and a nice cold iced coffee to follow are an occasional treat. And if I drop my change, I leave it for the parking lot sweeper.