To all my blog followers, may you have a happy, food filled Thanksgiving, if you live in the United States. Some of my closest writing community friends live elsewhere, so I wish you a happy holiday season. I know not all family gatherings are enjoyable, so I urge you to spend time with the people who do make you feel positive, re-energized and ready to tackle another calendar year. Life has its ups and downs so I wish you more ups than downs.

I read recently that a blog should evolve as the writer does. If you are a regular visitor to my ramblings, you know that lately you are seeing flash fiction, poetry, blogs I have shared and a few other different things than whatever the National Day of Calendar gives me as a subject. I have been using the National Day of Calendar for my writing prompts for over a year now. I am trying to pick different subjects I haven’t written about before, but it does seem to be getting redundant. So, because I am changing, so will by blog, after all, it is my page.

I do hope you will continue to visit to see what I am up to. I would love to hear some feed-back or comments of your own about the subject I am discussing. There is a comment spot if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Perhaps it is time to think about a new format for my page so the comment section is more readily apparent. You’ll be the first to see it if I change it.

Once again….HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  Enjoy the day and season ahead.