I saw a written question on Facebook last week that has had me thinking ever since. The question was; who inspired you in 2017? More than one name came immediately to mind. I must put my husband first because he regularly makes the comment, “If you want to do it and it will help you attain a goal, then spend the money (for a class or a service.)” His giving me the freedom to expand my horizons has opened so many new doors for me.

My childhood friend, Mimi, inspired me by looking me in the eye and giving me “what for” because I was holding on to a painful situation, unable to let go, hence making myself the problem. She explained she refuses to give somebody who hurt her feelings the power to ruin her day, that she is going to choose to be happy and look forward. Now when I start to think of the offending person, I can see Mimi’s face and laugh at myself for wasting so much energy.

My friend Tina S. inspired and taught me how to make an art quilt. I thoroughly enjoy traditional quilting and hadn’t ventured into the art arena. By taking a class from Tina and now sewing once a month with class members I have expanded my capabilities to the point I am entering some of my work in challenges. Art quilts tend to be smaller than bed quilts, take more creativity, but are less time-consuming (sometimes), so actually get finished. The techniques are different too, so I have learned a lot and I love doing it.

Robbie Cheadle is an author from South Africa that I have become internet friends with via our blogs and now Twitter. I was fascinated with her writing so took a class on flash fiction. I didn’t think I could write a short, complete story, but I have found I can. Robbie also introduced me to Carrot Ranch Literary Community. It’s fun to accomplish each piece of “flash” written after getting a weekly prompt from Charli at Carrot Ranch. I’m very happy about this open door. I now have more than one way to be creative and you end up getting to read my pieces. Hope you don’t mind.

I could go on, but I’ll leave you with my top four candidates. They each made a significant contribution to how I spend my time and enjoy my days. Oh, I would be remiss if I didn’t add an honorable mention to the people who read my blog on a daily basis and keep me writing. Thank you.