At their party, Michael heard Tessa’s mother make another snide comment about how many snacks Tessa had eaten. He wheeled over to Jenny and got right in her face. “Do you remember saying ‘My house, my rules’ when we were growing up?”

“So long ago. But yes, I do.”

“Well, this is my house and my rules. Your negative comments about Tessa’s eating are not welcome here.”

Jenny shot up out of her chair, “Well! Then neither am I. Don, take me home.”

“You can take the car.” Her husband handed her the keys and opened the front door.

Written in response to Charli Mills September 24, 2020, prompt at Carrot Ranch Literary: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about snacking. It can feature crunchy snacks or creamy one. Who is snacking on what and why? How can you make this a story? Go where the prompt leads!