An inward sucking noise

An outward swooshing

Over and Over

The ventilator keeps perfect time

The incessant beeping

When the IV bag is empty

“Someone” please turn it off

Where is everyone

Now a fall-alarm is blaring

My adrenalin rushes but

I hear no one running in response

Don’t they care

Too busy to answer call buttons

But I can hear them talking

How many people are working

Where is my friendly nurse

The meal-cart wheels squeak

Compartment doors slam

The tube prevents eating

My mind says I’m hungry

My God, it’s finally quiet

It’s peaceful

Am I dead

Written in response to Charli Mills August 13, 2021, prompt at Carrot Ranch Literary: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story, using cacophony. You can use the word or show discordant sound inaction. How can you create literary cacophony with your words? This one might be of interest to poets as a literary device. Go where the prompt leads!