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Made From Milk

I was recently in a friend’s home and we got on the subject of milk. Her comment, with a bit of a snobbish air, was, “Milk is only for babies. No adult should drink it because of how it is digested.” I didn’t know the explanation of  “how” so didn’t argue. I did have a private chuckle when she informed me we were having pizza for lunch with a healthy fruit and yogurt salad. I thought, “Do you know what pizza cheese and yogurt are made from?” I’m still wondering why eating a milk food product is different from drinking the base item because I was afraid to ask. Maybe I’ll bring up the subject another time, in another way, to see if I can get an explanation, perhaps next summer when I invite her for a drive to get ice cream. Continue reading “Made From Milk”

Love That Foam

I do like my coffee most any time of day but I’m not one to pay for it away from home. I will admit to paying the price when I am out for the evening, in an airport or visiting a hospital. A frothy cappuccino is my first choice off the coffee menu but as I sit here thinking, I am wondering what the draw is of the foam. I do like the flavor and have been known to use my finger to get it out of a cup when no spoon is provided (much to the chagrin of the people I am with) but really, why the foam. I guess I will never be able to explain that. I’ll just go on enjoying it. Continue reading “Love That Foam”

Share With Friends

This day has too many choices so I chose the picture for the National American Beer Day to get your attention. If I compose my sentences carefully I can mention each of the days.

To salute the Navy (day) grab a beer (day) and a breadstick (day) to share with friends. When you are done with that, go home and hold your black cat (day) while you have another beer, American made mind you. But don’t have too many or you might imagine Frankenstein (day) is trying to get you, and you could get hurt trying to escape, so then you would end up sending someone to the pharmacy (buyer day) to get you some bandages. Continue reading “Share With Friends”

Make Mine Decaf

Coffee has been around a long time. The earliest evidence of it appears in the middle of the 15th century in the Sufi monasteries around Mokha in Yemen.  It was there coffee seeds were first roasted and brewed. Yemeni traders brought coffee back to their homeland from Ethiopia and began to cultivate the seed. Continue reading “Make Mine Decaf”

Who Has a Bowl?

When I was young knowing someone who owned a punch bowl was imperative. Not everyone could afford a nice one, especially if it had at least twenty glass cups that matched. Back then punch was served at many different kinds of parties. My family go-to recipe was a liter bottle of ginger ale mixed with a can of Hawaiian Punch and a large can of frozen orange juice concentrate. Spoonfuls of rainbow sherbet, or a ring of frozen juice with fruit in it (made using a Jello ring mold) floated on the top of the liquid. At a wedding there might have been two punch bowls, one for the kids and one spiked with Vodka for the adults (that the kids like to sneak). Continue reading “Who Has a Bowl?”

“Hoppy” or Not

I’ve never been a big fan of beer and the “hoppier” it is, the less I like it. Currently in western New York state craft breweries are appearing everywhere. They make beer with fruit, nuts, spices, coffee and chocolate. I haven’t developed a taste for those types of beer either. If I’m going to drink it, I want it to taste like a good old fashioned Bud. Quite honestly I couldn’t tell you the difference between an ale, a lager or an IPA. Continue reading ““Hoppy” or Not”

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